Getting prepared for an interview in the tech industry

Whether you’re looking for a job in a totally new sector, or are planning to interview for an internal promotion, one thing remains the same – it’s a good idea to be prepared. This is going to not only help you relax a little, but it’s going to give you a definite edge in the interview.

Don’t get nervous, instead get prepped. Find out some handy tips right here to make the best impression you can when going for an interview.

Research the company

If you’re applying for a position in a different company, then it is so important to research what it is exactly they do. And the fact that pretty much every company has a website and social media accounts means that it is so easy to get that information.

Look into their values, exactly what they do, and try to find out how the role you’re applying for would fit into the company.

Re-read the job specs

Most job positions you’ll apply for will have a detailed synopsis of the work you’ll be expected to fulfil, what experience you need, and what you should be learning on the job. So read this spec thoroughly so that you know it well.

From this, you can then anticipate the questions that they might choose to ask, and thus you can get prepared for them.

Enlist the help of a friend

Having surmised some of the interview questions, and assuming you’ve had an interview or two in your time, it’s time to enlist the help of a friend. They can run through a mock interview with you several times, and point out the areas where you need improvement. At the very least it’s going to calm your nerves, and help you seem more polished.

Good results require some effort, so if you’ve got a big interview coming up, make sure you’re prepared.

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