Windows 8.1 Review

Windows is well known Operating system among end users of Microsoft. We all very familiar with its versions coming day by day with amazing updates and features which helps us to make our work smooth and reliable. In the competition to other Operating systems Microsoft launches its new UI Start Screen in windows 8 which was very appreciated by people in fact I also love that tweaking and tiled screen with my favorite apps and software. Microsoft introduced its latest windows 8 O.S for Mobile a year ago in competition to Android , Bada, iOS and other O.S but after so many release still windows not much demanded among Smartphone user as we all know that there is no Completion to Android in today’s scenario. After a small research I found that android is more popular than Windows and iOS as

74% people are using Android OS.

18% people are using Apple iOS.

5% people are using Windows.

3% people are using other like bada, Symbian, Firefox and linux.

But still other MNCs are improving their OS .But this time Microsoft going to launch its much awaiting Operating system Windows 8.1 but so many new features people going to love this one. Let’s discuss its latest features in brief.

Windows 8.1 Features


This time Microsoft is going to launch a new virtual voice Assistant software application in its Windows 8.1  named as Cortana much like to well known app Siri very famous in Apple iOS. People use this feature to work easily with their voice command. After some short research and lookups I found that Cortana is much accurate like Siri, accuracy will be its positive point but maybe end users will not give expected response on this upgrade because android already has such type of service called Voice Talk powered by Vlingo.

New Keyboard

Microsoft boast its new OS with back to back features it is also featured new platform keyboard which developed with so many testing and experiments for user comfort as we all know that keyboard can win our heart yes its true If an OS don’t have comfortable keyboard than it will be a major problem for people to adopt it. the main cause is our social life everybody like facebook and message chatting and all we want that time is perfect and fast keyboard. Windows 8.1 is loaded with new Perfect and amazing keyboard so that people can enjoy typing and maybe this keyboard will attract other user as well.

Notification System

Windows 8 mobile was not complete because android made people addicted to floating notification bar in the top of the screen but in W8.1 they introduced a Action center in which we can see our notifications right at the top of our screen you can also manage your much usable settings like Wi-Fi controls, Brightness, mobile data packet etc. I am also using a Smartphone running on windows platform with w8 and seriously am also waiting for the notification bar.

Features and upgrades

Basically W8.1 is not a new OS but an upgraded version of W8. They featured W8 with missing functions which causes failure of W8. I am wondering what they have done in W8.1 then after Goggling found that they just improved their source code so that it will work smooth and fast.

Bug Fixes

With lots of bug fixes and updates they are here with new amazingly fast and smooth OS W8.1. In the starting of windows OS I remember there were so many bugs experienced while using W7 but now slowly they are improving their OS with Bug fix updates. Bugs related to notifications and tiles are also solved in W8.1.


W8.1 is featured with new platform keyboard with swipe feature. Now you can type just with swipes. Many of us already enjoying Swiping in android and trust me it’s very cool and revolutionary feature.

Improved Control and experience

They improved YouTube experience and now you can play YouTube videos under lock screen that would be a cool one. And most important applications like music player and video player will have independent volume control means they can’t affect default volume.

Microsoft also included its Internet Explorer 11 as default browser in W8.1 . Many small implementation also took place in this Upgrade like Battery sense, Storage Sense, Wifi Sense which gives you real time information about battery usage, Storage usage and a sixth sense which help you to automatically login to trusted shared router respectively. As I am a gaming freak that’s why I also searched for the Xbox updates and got news that W8.1 includes some better Xbox Supports for Xbox Music and Xbox Videos.


We all know that look and feel are very important for any OS, W8.1 will now have three rows of tiles instead of two that mean now you have one extra row for your apps in the home screen but that’s not enough, now you can set your custom wallpaper and image in tiles in order to give amazing look to your home screen. Setting wallpaper doesn’t mean that you can set wallpaper behind the tiles they still are either black or white you don’t have any option other than these colours. They also integrated twitter so that you can watch tweets of your friends direct from your contact hub. When I was looking for troubleshoot related to W8 I got some forums related to feedback according to them W8.1 will provide user facility to customize their lock screen in much better manner than compared to W8.

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