Why Encrypt?

Why Encrypt?
Do you belong to any Security Organization, Government department then this post is only for you. If you are very serious about your mobile data whether it is important or not for you and afraid of stealing your information by any mean then follow this article and live unbid your tension.
What is Encryption?

Encryption is nothing but a concept to make your data in unreadable form so that other cant read that data without your permission. It sounds like password protection something but trust me it is better than that. Whenever you switch your phone off and restart it again, It will ask for password (password will be same to your normal screen lock password) after you enter your password, it will unlock your phone and convert your data into readable form.


What is difference between Encryption and password protection?
Password protection is the simple UI lock that ask for password to access smartphone but if hacker can access your phone then he can steal your sensitive data and use it in wrong manner. But to avoid such type of cases Google featured their Android OS with encryption option, Now you can encrypt your data without any coding or knowledge. Encryption makes your phone’s data unreadable for other.
Your phone’s battery must be 80% as it will take few minutes to complete basically depends upon your data size.
Screen lock must be set in password mode.
Backup your data before encrypting.
Disadvantages of Encryption
Every coin has two faces. Here too Encryption also has disadvantage too. There are few things you have to sacrifice for encryption.
Performance:- When you enable Encryption in your android smartphone, you have to face some performance slowness in processing. As it takes time to encode and decode the data while accessing it. But i think you can sacrifice your little bit performance to safety 🙂
Rollback:- Once you encrypt your data, you can’t disable it directly. To disable Encryption you have to restore your phone to factory setting which will lead you to loss of all data.
It goes without saying that not everything you have will need encryption. This will be a judgement call you will have to make by yourself. If the information you are dealing with is sensitive enough for you to even consider it in the first place the chances are it might be a good idea.
Do a bit of online research first and see if it is the best solution for your particular needs before starting.

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