What’s up with WhatsApp?

Whatsapp Is the most trending and popular Messaging app worldwide among smartphone users. It is the only messaging service that holds and manage more than 500 Million users which is much larger than any other messaging service.

Whatsapp was developed by Brian Action and Jan Koun in 2009 at California, Both of them was employee of Yahoo Inc. It was the revolutionary project that came live in Smartphone Tech

Most shocking term that came to know whenever we talk about Whatsapp is its team. many of us still unaware of team of Whatsapp Inc. You might be shocked you will get to know that there are only 52-55 employees that work on Whatsapp Inc. These employees are expert in their field and has done their job very effectively in these years.

There are still some things about Whatsapp that can blow your mind lets go through those things.

Whatsapp was developed by Two people Brian and Jan in 2009 followed by 55 employees in 2011.

Whatsapp has many competitors but still it’s not hard to believe that it is the best Messaging app all over the World.

Whatsapp only crashed or goes down for 4 to 6 times since its live. It is very impressive stats according to other projects.

Whatsapp has nearly twice users as compared to Twitter. In 2014 Twitter has 270m users.

According to Statisa, There are more than 500 Million users active in Whatsapp and over 70% of users use it daily which is more than Facebook 62%.

According to Analysts, Whatsapp working hard to grow its audience by 1 Billion users in just 1 year.

If we believe in source then Whatsapp is expected to Launch Video Calling Feature soon in future updates.

Whatsapp delivers 10 Billion messages each day

It Also Deliver 700 Million Photos and 100 Million Videos each day.

Why People prefer Whatsapp for Messaging?

Its not hard to believe that Whatsapp is far ahead from other Messaging services like Facebook Chat, Line, Hike, Wechat etc. There are so many reasons that made WhatsApp popular and successful.

Light Weight Messaging App as compared to other.

Fast Message Delivering service.

Works Fine even in Slow network connection

Provides a Hijacking safe environment to all its users

Messages are delivered in Encrypted form.

Photos and Videos are saved on server which makes sharing very fast and easy which is the most lovable feature for people

Simple UI

Why Facebook Spends $19 Billion in Whatsapp ?

There is always a question in our mind that is really Whatsapp worth $19 Billion Dollar, Financially of course not. Then why Facebook Bought Whatsapp for $19 Billion.Here are some reasons which made this deal possible.

Whatsapp is the only service that holds that much amount of users after Facebook or can say that next billion users.

Whatsapp made SMS and Messaging so easy that shrinks Facebook Messenger active users.

Facebook didn’t want to lose its most popular rival.

Hike in Whatsapp stats After $19 Billion Deal?

After selling Whatsapp to Facebook, Whatsapp rapidly enjoying it hike in Market and Users volume. Because of its Engagement with Instagram and Facebook its getting more popular among teens and people. After this deal Whatsapp also introduced some features to everybody that was limited to Apple’s Users like Privacy control.

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