Opera no longer in Smartphone Best Browsers

Opera no longer in Smartphone Best Browsers
Opera was the one of the most famous light and fastest browser known in mobile phones. Opera launched several updates with bug fixes and features for mobile and Smartphone both. But know in 2014 opera is lost somewhere in the list of best browsers; People are not interested in opera anymore. But why? Let’s discuss why opera is out of the league.
In past back years if I look backward, I remember that opera was the only choice for those people you had slow internet connection.90% of people were using opera for social sites like Facebook and Twitter. But know scenario is changed; Opera is not only out of the league but also going to disappear very soon from the list of well known browser.
There are so many major drawbacks which I have faced personally why operating opera mobile browser like some connecting service, Download failure, No pause feature, Image load failure etc.
I have reviewed so many forums related to opera and came to a conclusion that people are not satisfied from opera service anymore. Because of low server capability and maintenance people are facing problems while accessing mobile browser.
Some common issues are listed below that are the major causes for Opera’s End:
Opera is not in Smartphone best browsers anymore : Lack of Features
We all know that in life of technology everyone wants features, features and features. We are hungry of new features, New UI and speed. But unfortunately Opera is not providing these for a long time. Opera has a fixed UI from past 3-4 years with any change; they should change their UI to make it attractive so that people will love to experience their new UI.
No Gesture
Opera is the most simplest browser I know for Smartphone but when I think about browsers for Smartphone then I also want some gesture effects for me, well we all want am I right?
No Gesture features mean lack of option to do in the browser which is also a negative point for opera. At least they should add some for easy operations like opening new tab, change tab, close tab, save page etc.
Opera is also known for lack of security features, opera doesn’t provide better privacy protection for user to work so therefore many users switched to better browsers which are providing these services.
Private Tab
For safe and secure browsing many companies are providing private browsing in which browser don’t save you history and cookies for that session. This is a revolutionary feature which is demanded by most of the users and unfortunately opera is not capable to fulfill this requirement too.
Syncing Capabilities
Opera is not so capable to sync user’s data to use it across multiple devices, that doesn’t mean that opera is not providing syncing feature but it is not as effective as others.
Download Failure
About 35% users use browser only to download stuff like, Songs, videos, documents etc and this is also a major drawback of Opera mobile browser. Opera doesn’t support pause feature in lite version but it do in Opera mobile. According to a small survey people doesn’t recommend opera for downloading as it leads to download failure in low internet speed area.
Loading Time
Once opera was the fastest browser I know but at present time its lite version took so many time in loading URL page or website while other browser works very fast at the very same moment.
These are the reasons because of which opera lost its reputation in market after entry of latest and fast browsers in market like chrome and Firefox for android.
Few Words: – These are some drawbacks faced by our team but that doesn’t mean that opera is totally waste browser it is very useful in visiting websites in low connection speed. It is still best browser known for Facebook in India and some other countries.
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