Android Antivirus Options

Android Antivirus Options
Are you stuck in your thoughts whether to install any Antivirus on your Android device or Not?
There are many advertisements and banners who are saying to protect your Android device with X, Secure your smartphone with X.
but how you get to which to choose or when to choose? There may be possibilities that you don’t need an Antivirus for your Android device. Let’s discuss together to understand things well. Let’s starts with smallest stone out there.
Antivirus is nothing but a small tool or software that protect your devices from harmful apps and virus including Trojans, Malwares, Spywares, Root kits etc. It can harm your device and your pocket too. There are many companies out there in market provides their best service against viruses and malwares.
Now lets discuss what is Malwares, Trojans, Viruses. Malwares/Viruses/Trojans are small programs mainly designed to disrupt your Android smartphone.
We all know that everyone has their own way to use their smartphone therefore we can’t target all of them. But we will take two cases lets says Case One and Case Two:
Case One : Case One consist of those people who use their phone so much, They do various activities like Installing applications from third parties or Google Play Store, Downloading Stuff, Surfing Internet and much more.
Case Two : Case Two consist of those people who don’t use their phone much, they just call or text messages , Listen to music and rarely use internet.
Now let’s talk about each case one by one. Stick together with me if you belong to Case Two doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know about Case One.
Case One ( People Having Heavy use of their Smartphone)
Basically Case One consist of all the Phone geeks who have lots of time to spend on their smartphone daily, They love to surf internet, Love to try new applications released recently on Google Play market, They also love to download apps from other third party stores. They spend most of time in searching for something over the internet and still don’t have Antivirus, which causes slowness in their smartphone, large monthly phone rental bill. But should they know real reason why these thing happening again.
Such type of people has most possible probability of having viruses, malwares and Trojans in their Smartphone. Now come back to the main topic, do Android need Antivirus?
Increase in sales of Android Smartphone also increases no of Malwares and viruses in Market. There are 97% Malwares are of Android OS over the Internet.
Now ask yourself Do you really need Antivirus for your Android smartphone ?”
Answer is clear yes, You should go and install an Antivirus on your smartphone device to protect it from Malwares and Viruses. there could be so many possibilities that you phone is already infected from Malwares. Some People thought that Android is Linux based operating system and Linux is most secure OS which cant be infected by viruses. This theory was past now Malware writer has already published so many malwares for Linux. So believing in such theory will not help you anymore.
According to AndroidCentral Google working on security threat related to Malwares.Google improving their service with each update they are releasing. Google also implementing Self scan manager for Android so that people don’t need to install third party Antivirus on Smartphone.
Now lets move to case two to know whether they need Antivirus for Smartphone or not.
Case Two ( People Having Heavy use of their Smartphone)
Case Two consist of people who rarely use data Network in their smartphone. They mainly use their smartphone to make calls, text messages, to listen music, playing videos facebook ,other social sites. Such people also claimed for no virus on their Android Smartphone since 4 years.
If you belong to Case Two then there is no need to install any Antivirus on you smartphone. But we recommend you to scan your phone monthly using any Desktop Antivirus which supports Android Scanner like Quick Heal and Avira.

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